Version 1.0 / 22.8.2016

DoAct® TOOL - tool for contaminated soil and groundwater remedial design


welcome to use DoAct® TOOL. Tool is designed for helping in the remedial design of in situ and on site environmental remediations.
TOOL will give you help in remediation technique selection, detailed information about site specific remedial details and ready-made DoAct® CORE -module setup.
Information about DoAct® TOOL and DoAct® CORE Platform. +358-3-3143-1111

Perttu Mattila

Head of Soil Remediation
Contaminated Sites
+358 400 771 981

Mikko Myllymäki

R&D Manager
Contaminated Sites
+358 44 753 0124

What contaminants are present at the site?

Amount of solids and dissolved metals in ground water?

Non-aqueous phase liquids present?





What is the matrix to be remediated?

Clear hot spot to plume?

In which depth the contamination is located?

What is the area of the contamination?

What is the volume of the contamination?

Soil type in contaminated area?

Is the contamination located on ground water formation area?

Is there contamination under buildings or other infrastructures?

Is the site under active operation now or during remediation project?

Planned risk management methods?

What is the groundwater flow speed?

Is the flow direction known?

What are the remedial targets?

How much time there is for remediation?